Human Growth, expansion, and sprawl has spread throughout all continents and with this continuous growth, biological invasions have increasingly manipulated existing natural ecosystems everywhere. Our social system has been on a fast track for the continuous desire for more stuff. We are always in need for the best product and newest Apple product. One aspect we never think of as a society, is how we are disposing of these technologies. It is important that homes, businesses, educational institutions and government agencies comply with the need for technology recycling. Most electronic devices contain high amounts of hazardous materials like lead, and mercury. Without electronic recycling programs, toxic chemicals are disposed in landfills where they gradually cause damage to the environment. So far, the most serious effort to reduce these harmful threats is being carried our by state and federal governments which are enacting legislation that requires proper disposal of old electronics. Most electronic programs become outdated every couple of years so it is crucial that households and businesses have a clear understanding that it is important before throwing out any old computer parts or electronics to check with the appropriate government agencies to determine the proper methods.

Unfortunately, because of our constant need to consume, society is on a path of destruction. One indication of our social system lending a hand in biological invasions is our dependence on burning fossil fuels. Everything we use in our growing world uses fossil fuels. Whether the product itself emits toxins or the process of making a product clouded our air, we are always emitting pollution. Global warming is a clear consequence of fossil fuel over-use. Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been using fossil fuels to power machines. Now, nearly everything you consume, nearly every product you buy, and many of our daily activities involve the use of fossil fuels. Reducing emissions is a process that must be promptly reduced before climate change becomes irreversible.

Whether we over-fish our oceans by enjoying sushi, or use fertilizer to make a more green grass; society must come to the realization that all consumption choices make some sort of environmental impact on our planet. As recent studies have shown, there is no reason why we should continue to ignore the damage already done. Certainly, we should not start making the zebra mussel an ingredient in our chowder.